L'Oreal - Men Expert Hydra X-Treme Taurine Boost Moisturising Fluid 50ml

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Hydra energetic X recharging moisturiser L'Oréal Men Expert Hydra Energetic X-Treme Turbo Booster is our first moisturiser enriched with Taurine and help fights signs of skin that looks tired, lacklustre & dehydrated. Instantly, skin looks healthier, feels recharged with moisture! Skin looking hungover? Workaholic and party addict? Does your skin look shattered? Every morning, your skin can look 'hungover' and tired, it needs a daily boost! Refreshing Boost for the skin! For the first time Men Expert infuses Taurine & Vitamin C for a daily moisturising re-boost. This anti-fatigue formula intensely moisturises to help fight skin that looks: Lacklustre Tired Dehydrated Instantly, skin looks healthier, feels more awake, as if recharged! Sounds surprising? Once it's on, the cool effect texture leaves skin feeling refreshed! 100% non greasy, non sticky, quickly absorbed. ADS - Active Defence System Powerful soothing active ingredient which helps reinforce the skin's natural resistance. For expert advice visit: www.menexpert.co.uk. Dirty life? Dirty skin? Discover Hydra Energetic X Daily Wash with Purifying Charcoal.
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Range 8 Hour
Brand L'Oreal
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