Love Urban Beauty - All You Need To Go Travel Palette

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It can be difficult to find the perfect look, but once you’ve found it, you’ll want to be safe in the knowledge that you can take that look with you, wherever you go! With this 45 Piece All You Need To Go Makeup Palette from Love Urban Beauty, you can enjoy your favourite cosmetics at all times, whether your on holiday, on a night out, or simply around the house! The innovative, fold-out design of this compact palette makes it perfect for storing in handbags or luggage, keeping the cosmetics within stored safely and securely. Not only that, but the wide range of makeup items within, all in a dazzling array of shades and styles, mean you can not only enjoy your favourite combinations, but also experiment with bold and daring new looks.
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Gender Women
Product Name Love Urban Beauty
Brand Love Urban Beauty
Type Giftset
Size (ml) Giftset
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