Ren - Clean Skincare Radiance Perfection Serum 30ml

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A multi active serum formulated to reboot the skins energy cycle, visibly perfect skin tone and leave skin looking energised, radiant and luminous. A potent blend of Glabridin from Licorice, Tyrosinase Inhibitors, from Wild Canadian Rumex, and Vitamin C helps reduce visible signs of ageing such as age spots and blemishes while correcting skin tone. Hyaluronic acid delivers intense hydration and plumps the skin while Glycogen from Fruit Sugar and Magnesium from Olivine, a natural mineral, together with Vitamin C boost skin energy and radiance. Results: - Skin looks more energised, radiant, even toned, plumped and healthy. - Regular use will help reduce the appearance of sun damaged skin and hyperpigmentation.
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